Our Mission

Our goal is to prepare kids to play high school and college level basketball. Dade's Finest Basketball Training specializes in all aspects of player development on and off the court.  We have an array of programs and skill development classes as well as team training available for athletes. Dade's Finest Basketball Professional trainers are highly skilled trainers with experience of playing, coaching and teaching at every level of basketball.  

Our trainers take extreme care and pride in delivering the highest quality of training you can receive.  Our unique approach to development combines the mental and physical part of the game while having a clear understanding of how to get better and to achieve the goals that you want to accomplish.  Your goals and dreams become our goals and dreams!

Our team


Coach James

Certified Strength & Conditioning Expert

Coach James has been training athletes since 1996, and has been responsible for the following stats:

1. 22 D1 Level Athletes

2. 37 D2 Level Athletes

3. 61 D3 Level Athletes 

He is a no none sense drill instructor that allows no excuses. He follows the bigger, faster, stronger fundamentals, when training Student-Athletes.




  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach- NASM

  • Sports Performance Specialist - NAHF

  • Sports Nutritionist - NAHF

  • Certified Basketball Coach - NFHS

  • Certified Football Coach - NFHS


Coach Kevin

Sports Performance Specialist

Coach Kevin involvement with sports began by playing street ball in New York. He study sports psychology at Ashworth University and earned a sports performance degree from The National Sports Performance Association.


He believes in developing athletes in phases. The P360 training system is a product of his years of experience developing young athletes. He only works with Elementary and Middle School Aged students and focuses on skill and performance development for in game situations. 


  • Sports Psychology - Ashworth University 

  • Sports Performance Specialist - National Sports Performance Association 

  • Certified Basketball Coach - NFHS