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Maximize Your Full Potential

Basketball Skill Development and Performance Training for Elementary / Middle School Athletes

Allow ME to introduce ourselves

We specifically developed our P360 Training System, with the appropriate skills, drills, strength, conditioning, and nutrition protocols needed to prepare your child for success on and off the court.

Training organized into phases that allows difficulty to grow as your child's skills do!

The Drills used during training and practices, have been proven effective in game transitions.

Measurable Results within 2-3 weeks Guaranteed. 

Basketball Net

"Kids today are missing the type of training and coaching, needed to prepare them for high school and college Sports"

-Brandon Cosby (Miami Dade College Assistant Basketball Coach)


Carlos Jimenez Sr.

"My son was heading into 8th grade and failed to make his middle school team.

I was extremely disappointed as we have played at Elite Sports for 4 yrs.

After 3 months of training within the P360 system, my son is playing better than ever "

Marcos Villanueva

" As an elected Commissioner , I am always looking into providing my residents the best in services. I have to give it to the program, they are really good at getting the kids prepared for the next level. I have watched them for over two years now, the winning seasons, the level of competition, and the instruction of the coaches are all top notch.

Honestly speaking, if your child isn't training with them, your doing your child and your fiances  a disservice."

Street Basketball

Maggy Sierea

" As A mom I struggled to find the right fit for my two boys.

The Coaches are extremely organized and give you progress reports on a quarterly basis.

FYI the training is great"



Fundamentals of basketball training


Certified Training System to help improve game time performance.

College Prep Videos

Video High lights presentation for college coaches

Basketball Game

“I love playing with the team, I have become such a better player”

James Reid

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Hours of operation 

Mon-Thu: 6pm to 8PM

Sat-Sun: Closed for games

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12250 SW 132nd Court Miami FL 33186


Mail: projectphit@gmail.com

Tel: 786-770-0621